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June 2017

Welcome to my Twitter social work / law digest

I have found Twitter a great source of information on issues relating to social care, mental health and related law. This is an attempt to bring together all the articles I have found informative and helpful. Below you will find my recommended best social work/care and related law articles for the last month. I spend a lot of time filtering Twitter's best sources of social work / law related news and comment, so you don't have to!

Simply click on an article's title to view it, or you can click on the Twitter user's name or image to see more of their tweets. You can also view previous months' digests, the upcoming articles, and search the article archive.

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  1. JD v West London Mental Health Trust

    Regular UK healthcare law updates by the Serjeants' Inn Chambers' Clinical Negligence and Healthcare team

    @MHLonline JD v West London Mental Health Trust tweeted on Thursday 1 June at 7:35AM
  2. Councils to submit proposals for social work apprenticeship scheme

    In partnership with Skills for Care, social work employers are consulting on plans as part of an integrated degree apprenticeship scheme for social workers

  3. Dave Sheppard on Twitter

    “High Secure Hospitals and Human Rights (via Passle) by Sophy Miles” tweeted on Saturday 3 June at 7:03PM
  4. Community Care on Twitter

    “Redesign care worker jobs to boost retention, says report”

  5. Adam Wagner on Twitter

    “A personal reflection on how to respond to terrorism in my two home cities, Manchester and London”

  6. Peter Edwards on Twitter

    “ New MHA, Court of Protection and MCA courses added. Next course DoLs made simple. #mental health #mental capacity”

  7. Thirteen convicted over Devon care home abuse - BBC News

    Residents were routinely punished by being held in empty rooms without food, heating or a toilet.

    Thirteen convicted over Devon care home abuse tweeted on Wednesday 7 June at 4:18PM
  8. ITV News on Twitter

    “Thirteen convicted for 'systematic' abuse of disabled care home residents imprisoned in empty rooms as punishment” tweeted on Wednesday 7 June at 4:39PM
  9. Dave Sheppard on Twitter

    “Vielstone - essential details of prosecution - NOT s.44 MCA etc” tweeted on Wednesday 7 June at 4:39PM
  10. Mental Health Law on Twitter

    “NOMS, 'Mental Health Casework Section: Section 17 - Leave of Absence' (22/2/17).: This replaces the 22/4/14…” tweeted on Thursday 8 June at 5:41AM
  11. Mental Health Law on Twitter

    “NOMS and NHS England, 'Working with personality disordered offenders: A practitioners guide' (second edition,…” tweeted on Thursday 8 June at 5:42AM
  12. Keir Starmer: I have prosecuted terrorists – and know human rights laws make us safer

    The prime minister’s kneejerk proposal to rip up laws to fight the growing terrorist threat is a dangerous distraction

  13. UK Supreme Court on Twitter

    “Written reasons for the decision in the Charlie Gard case now online, along with video of today's hearing”

  14. Mark Neary on Twitter

    “Give Me Back My Son: How Human Rights Brought Steven Neary Home via @rights_info”

  15. Jonathan Montgomery on Twitter

    “Here is what the ECHR has actually announced in Charlie Gard case. 'Must' treat is misleading journalism.”

  16. Dave Sheppard on Twitter

    “Psychiatrist had ‘limited’ medical records to determine whether Felixstowe murder accused should be detained - court” tweeted on Saturday 10 June at 12:14PM
  17. Matt Graham on Twitter

    “Care home bosses could increasingly face prosecution over neglect of residents after a groundbreaking court case.”

  18. ‘We felt something remarkable happening’: why a red tide rose on banks of the Thames

    Even on a night when Kensington and Canterbury fell, no result was more unexpected than when the Tories lost Reading East in Berkshire

    ‘We felt something remarkable happening’: why a red tide rose on banks of the Thames | Politics | The Guardian tweeted on Sunday 11 June at 11:12AM
  19. BIHR on Twitter

    “The Human Rights Act includes 16 rights - check out our infographic below & read more here:”

  20. bc on Twitter

    “'Buried alive': the old men stuck in Britain’s prisons Excellent” tweeted on Tuesday 20 June at 8:08AM
  21. Dave Sheppard on Twitter

    “Number of mental health patients being treated miles from home up 40% in two years” tweeted on Tuesday 27 June at 7:55PM
  22. Kay Sheldon on Twitter

    “Almost 6,000 mental health patients sent out of area for care last year” tweeted on Tuesday 27 June at 7:57PM
  23. Lucy Series on Twitter

    “Just emailed my MP to ask her to ask the government what's happening to @Law_Commission proposals for DoLS. Suggest you do the same!” tweeted on Wednesday 28 June at 8:20AM
  24. No power for Mental Health Tribunals to consider conditions of detention (via Passle)

    The Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal by Jasmin Djaba (referred to as JD in the Upper Tribunal) that the First Tier Tribunal (Mental Health) did ...

  25. Lucy Series on Twitter

    “Wow! Look at the leap in cases about deprivation of liberty in the Court of Protection after 2014... #DoLS”

  26. Michael Brown OBE on Twitter

    “Following prosecution by @CareQualityComm under health and safety law, @Southern_NHSFT has pleaded guilty -”

  27. Alex Ruck Keene on Twitter

    “The MCA – big issues for the next 10 years”

  28. Martin Webber on Twitter

    “Risks vs rights: how social workers handle one of the toughest jobs in mental health” tweeted on Friday 30 June at 6:39AM
  29. Rob Mitchell on Twitter

    “Vital that SW students & HEIs understand this. People dont just end up in ATUs. Professionals, including SWs, put them there #7Daysofaction”

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